We understand what’s important to our policyholders. You want to know that your home, farm and family are protected. You want to know that we will be there when you need us and that we will work hard to get your life back on track if catastrophe strikes.

Our flexible policies are customized to fit your needs. From renters insurance to complex farming operations, we can protect what’s important to you.

The Home-Guard policy provides protection for your most important asset — your home. The policy offers a variety of coverages to protect your dwelling and personal property. It also offers protection against possible financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your property or from your personal acts. Click here to view the Home-Guard brochure.

As a farm liability policy, the Farm-Guard protects members of your household against financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your farm — whether as a farm owner or tenant.

The policy provides standard liability coverages as well as optional coverages to customize protection to fit your farming operation. Click here to view the Farm-Guard brochure.

The FarMate policy provides quality insurance protection for your farm buildings, property and livestock. It’s flexible to fit your farm operation and can also cover your home and household property. Click here to view the FarmMate® brochure.

Tenant Homeguard:
Did you know your landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your possessions or protect you from liability claims? Because dependable coverage is what you need, that’s what our renters insurance policy can offer you.

Special Property Protection:
Additional coverage can be purchased to protect your most precious treasures. Scheduled property coverage protects your investment with additional coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, silverware, fine arts, sporting goods, antiques, collectibles, guns and more.

Equipment Breakdown:
Home – As homes have changed so have the risks. Homes have been updated with sophisticated, valuable equipment. With homeowners’ Equipment Breakdown coverage you’ll have access to specialists who will find services for the fast repair or replacement of your critical equipment. Click here to view the Equipment Breakdown brochure for homes. Click here to view the Home Equipment Breakdown brochure

Farm – Farm technology also continues to advance. That’s why we offer affordable Equipment Breakdown coverage with our farm policies. It can pay for equipment repair or replacement, lost business income, perishable goods and related expenses. Click here to view the Equipment Breakdown brochure for farms. Click here to view the Farm Equipment Breakdown brochure

ID Theft Safeguard Your Identity:
While no one is immune to identity theft, education and awareness are your best lines of defense. Take advantage of easy access to daily news alerts, in-depth articles, monthly newsletters, and a wealth of prevention tips. Click here to view the ID Theft Safeguard Your Identity brochure.

This website provides a basic description of available products. These summarized coverage descriptions are intended for reference and do not include policy conditions, exclusions or limitations. For a complete description of the policy features, consult your FarMutual® agent.


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